Carlyle Foster's Days of Strength Calendar 2022


NOTE!!! This calendar is for the year just ending, 2022, not the year about to begin, 2023. If you use it for the holidays, any based on the lunar calendar will be on the wrong dates in the coming months, as well as the dates showing on the wrong days of the week. But the art is still gorgeous!

Rise full of strength like Carlyle, for every day in this calendar lists at least one holiday or feast, drawn from many faiths and traditions, to be celebrated as a day on which men honoured their creator in ages past, and still do today!

Inspired by the Terra Ignota series by Ada Palmer, and featuring new art by Orion Smith ( ) and illustrations by Ada Palmer, this 8.5"x11" (opens to 11"x17") wall calendar has stunning visuals, matching quotes from the novels, and a reason for everyone's favourite Sensayer to meet each day of 2022 with a smile.

I love, love, love this calendar! I hope you do another for 2023!

Other people have covered the beauty and quality of this calendar but I want to add a note about customer service. Not only did UnusualFrequency make a huge effort to get the items of my order to me in one piece (this required separation) but when there was a problem with delivery they were RIGHT ON IT. Thank you for a wonderful ordering process - I’ll add that I was so impressed with the calendar and other items that I immediately sent a second order to a friend who’s also a fan. Shine on, UnusualFrequency!

Just wonderful; blew my mind with this great artwork that came out so lovely. Highly recommended, and hoping for a new 2023 calendar next year!

recipient (i purchased this as a gift) and i both adore the 'terra ignota' series & this was the perfect item for that. extremely well done artwork, & great design (& a great idea) overall. completely happy with this purchase

High quality prints, lovely art, packaged and shipped with care and speed, and seller kindly answered a question before purchase

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