Terra Ignota stickers! Brill Institute, Utopians, Cousins


Vinyl decals showing a celebration for each Hive, and the most notorious of the Hiveless. Suitable for laptops, mirrors, windows, notebook covers, or anywhere you have a smooth, flat surface. Show your Hive Pride!

Stickers will arrive by regular letter mail to keep costs down. If you require your stickers rushed, please contact us directly to arrange for faster shipping.

This is an official Terra Ignota product, developed with and licensed by Ada Palmer.


According to Ada: In the Utopian Latin motto, Astra Mortemque Superare Gradatim, the last word, gradatim means gradually or step-by-step, and the verb literally stand+beyond has the sense of surpass/overcome/defeat/attain/go beyond, so a rough translation would be "Step-by-step to surpass both death and the stars." The Utopians sometimes abbreviate it just Gradatim, emphasizing the idea of teamwork over generations and gradual progress.

wonderful buying from Liz as always !

The stickers are so lovely!

Love the stickers, and they arrived much earlier than anticipated!

It's great. Thank you so much!

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