Terra Ignota LIMITED EDITION stickers



These were produced to be in-person special items at conventions Ada and I were attending this year.


But because of a switch in suppliers, we probably won't be making any more of them! So get a shiny in your mailbox while you can, and have a mini-con at home with us!

We have:

Large holographic Utopia logos! $9
Small holographic Utopia logos! $6
Holographic Romanovan flags! $6
Transparent Cousins hands! $6

These stickers ARE NOT included in the sticker set, and must be purchased individually!

All prices in the rapidly devaluing Canadian dollar! And FREE SHIPPING!

excellent print quality and great texture

Everything arrived on time, items are as gorgeous as I expected!

so excited to put this on my new laptop

It's bold and crisp and I love it. My computer tower is repping Utopia <3

Wonderful! I enjoy these very much. Being a great fan of Ada Palmer's series, I was overjoyed to find these stickers. Now I only need to find some properly splendid way to show off with them :)

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